Urinary Incontinence

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3 Reasons You Need Pelvic Floor Biofeedback

Biofeedback therapy enhances your rehabilitation experience by teaching you how to control and change the behavior of your pelvic floor. If you don’t know how to contract or relax your pelvic floor muscles, then biofeedback therapy can help you make that connection and improve your overall pelvic health.   What is biofeedback therapy for the…

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Bad Bladder Behavior: 5 Ways to Retrain Your Bladder

People consider addressing behavior when their choices lead to unwanted consequences. Eating too many sugary sweets today may lead to kidney disease tomorrow. That extra glass of wine can result in you wetting your pants by morning. And dehydration can lead to constipation. In order to improve your condition, you must decide to change behaviors…

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Incontinence Under Control: These 6 Lifestyle Changes Can Help Keep You Dry

Starting a pelvic floor muscle training program is highly encouraged to benefit individuals with incontinence issues and is supported by the scientific community. But, what happens when incorporating an exercise program at home is not enough? Often, people quit their prescribed pelvic floor muscle training program prematurely for many reasons: Education Age Incontinence severity Memory…

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How Breathing Can Help Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

How does breathing affect your pelvic floor? The act of breathing seems so simple since it’s a practice we’ve all experienced since birth. Even when you’re not paying attention, you draw air into your lungs automatically and rhythmically. Your diaphragm contracts down into your abdomen, which creates a domino effect of expansion around your core…

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5 Tips for Reducing Urinary Leakage

There’s a secret a lot of women share, but don’t discuss. We can be giggling with our girlfriends and share freely some of the most intimate details of our lives, yet be unable to speak about what is happening physically with our bodies.   During a cough, sneeze, laugh or even just a giggle, many…

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Why do I leak when I sneeze, cough, run or lift something heavy?

A leak. A dribble. A little wetness. Whatever you call it, it’s name is stress urinary incontinence, or stress incontinence. It’s incredibly common among women in the United States, and it’s often preventable and treatable.   Half of all women will have loss of control of our bladder at some point in our lives. Once…

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